Top 10 car alarms you can buy

There are many ways to prevent the auto theft. One of them is by installing a car alarm in your car. Unfortunately, if your car being stolen, you may check the internet for some websites with the license plate lookup program. Now, we’d like to share some info with you about the Top 10 car alarms that are available in the market.

10. Vehicle security paging car 2 way LCD
Long range remote with gear position checking ability
Window rolls up automatically
Multiple sensors (trunk/door/hood)
Anti-scanning and grabbing technology
Two-way FSK range is over 3000ft

9. Gravity G1GSx car alarm and sensors
Internal shock sensor
Lock-unlock output for the doors
Internal Parking-Light Relay
Have a truck release function
Valet mode button

SST Remote pager with 2 way primary LCD
Valet mode and LCD integrated with the Control center
SST Remote has one-mile range

7. Clifford Matrix 1x
2 Remotes available
2 Auxiliary outputs for the Comfort Closure
Siren (Six-tone)
It has shock sensor

6. Viper 5305V
LCD display (black lit)
User interface is on-screen
Six-Tone siren Revenger
Status LED
Failsafe starter kill
Shock sensor (Stinger Double Guard)

5. ICBM-7071 2 Performance Teknique 2 Way car alarm
If it’s not installed by a professional installation, the warranty will be void
Mandatory professional installation
Can be installed on manual and automatic transmission
2 Way alarm, LCD status, Remoter Starter

4. Viper 3305V Responder LCD 2 Way Alarm
2 Way setup
Keyless Entry
Relatively cheap price
LCD Display
Remote transmitter

3. Bulldog Alarm System
Antenna reaches up to 250ft
Has remote car finder message system
Internal Sensor
Panic Button

2. Crime Stopper SP-302 Deluxe
2 Way data port
Direct Plug-in for the data modules
Shock Protection (Electronic Dual-Stage)
Red and White LED Backlights
2 Way alarm

1. Viper 4105V
Remote starter range 1500ft away
Automatic fuel injection for diesel, hybrid, and auto transmission
Car finder flashes very slowly for 5 times
1 Way transmitter with 4 Button (2x)
Has Panic Mode

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