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The Conjuring : horror story behind the scene

Everyone know about this horror movie. Even the title itself is enough to give us some goosebumps. This movie based on the tragedy that happened to the Perron family is very successful in the market. There are several things that cannot be explained that happened during the making process of this movie. There are several crews that experienced weird things while in the shooting location. The scariest one happened to the actress Vera Farmigan. If you’re looking for the best movie online, then you can download from our website at the

The creepiest thing happened while Vera opened her laptop. She’s surprised by what she just found on her laptop screen. There are 3 lines of claw marks that scratched her laptop pretty deep. However, there aren’t any of those marks while she’s opened them previously. Fortunately, she doesn’t care about it, and keep ignoring it until another thing happened to her. Vera who’s doing the 3 weeks shooting, without a clear reason, she’s always wake up at the 3:00 in the morning. It turns out that the 3:00 in the morning is the time when the person who’s being the ghost in the movie committed suicide.