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Definition and History of Theology

Theology is the shape of the human effort to know God. Each person would have a foothold to start. In Christian theology, this case must begin with God, because without God’s initiative is unlikely humans can know God properly. Since we are talking about the creator of the universe, then theology is certainly not an ordinary discipline. In Toccoa Falls College, our mission is to produce competent MDIV graduates for Christian service.

In the Middle Ages, theology was “the queen of science”. This shows the high value of theology at the time. A person can not take a theology college if he has no other basic science. As implicit that theology is a science that is so exclusive. Only people with a certain capacity that is worth to learn.

However, time by time, because of a church incident with and Nikolaus Copernican and Galileo Galilei, the value of theology is fall. An irresponsible interpretation from the rabbis at that time makes a lot of people start cynical with this science. Of course, the question that immediately burst in our minds is how the value of theology nowadays?

When talking about theology, then we have to call and examine the two main sources of theology where it was developed the church and seminary. The Church is the place where the congregation get a theology of God’s servant and also developed his theology. While seminary is a place where the congregation prepare and equip themselves to become a teacher of theology at church or continue a succession of teaching in seminaries.

Theology is not a heavenly object that consumed by the servants of God, but it is a gift that God gave to all of His people. Theology is something that comes from God, for the congregation, and the glory of God.