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Scaling and Teeth Cleaning

Maintenance and cleaning teeth scaling is applied to remove the trash on your teeth. These impurities include a soft plaque, particles of food, or calculus hard (owing to the continuous accumulation of minerals from saliva and plaque or sometimes also referred to as tartar). If you want to perform maintenance scaling, please visit our Dentists Edmonton in Strathcona Dental Clinic and get dental care by experienced experts. Besides that, we also offer many dental treatments, visit our website to know more about us.

The dentist will clean or smearing teeth with abrasive paste using a rotating brush. It will help treat and prevent gum disease. Your dentist will also give hints or suggestions on how to maintain your oral hygiene until the next visit because this is important to help keep your gums healthy. Then when the right time to do this treatment? You can perform this treatment on your routine checks or when you feel something is not normal on your teeth.