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Botox can cure inflammation of the urinary track

Can not out the urine as it should be, it is really annoying.  Maybe we have to check the condition of our bladder and know the problem on it. If the problem is on the urinary track, we can not do anything except cure it with botox. Even it often used for facial, it can also be used to reduce inflammation in the urinary tract. If the inflammation has reduced, we can pull out the urine as usual.

Usually, people who affected by inflammation of the urinary track rarely drink water and they often hold the urine. When the bladder is full and can not collect the urine anymore, it will stretch and cause pain and swelling. Therefore, if we want to pee and can not hold it for a moment, better we pull out it than we get more trouble. Botox is not so terrible as other treatments so, we do not need to fear.