The excellent business negotiation technique that you need to know

When we’re talking about business it’s definitely cannot be separated from negotiation. Why? It’s because there is no business without it. Besides that, negotiation is a very important thing to make sure that you can gain profits and also avoid disadvantages in the business. You may also want to check some recommended business courses just like the 90 day year program. Now, we’d like to share with you the excellent business negotiation technique that may help you in the business.

Make your business associates feel that they need you. For example. There are 2 businessmen. They’re Josh and Mike. They both have the same client and want to get 10% more profits from the next deal with him. When Mike wants to negotiate with his client to get the better deal, he talks with his client and mentioned all the special offers and discounts that he made for the client in the past. While Josh contacted a new potential client who offered him 5% more profits. In the beginning, the client can’t accept their negotiation. Failed to convinced his client, Mike thanked him and returned to his company. While Josh explained to his client that he has found a new potential client with a better business agreement. When his current client asks him how much bigger the profits he could have, he simply answered “bigger than with you”. Afraid to lose his business partner, the client offers Josh a 10% more profit for the next trade. This is very important for you to make your clients feel the importance of your company in their business.

This way, you can always secure your position in the business without having to worry to get kicked out by your competitors. Besides that, you could negotiate with your business associates with more confidence and more convincing method. Stay smart and be creative!

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