Differences of Interactive, Digital Marketing & Internet Marketing

Interactive, digital and internet marketing has the uniqueness of each. What is different? Sometimes we use them together. Every marketing requires knowledge of products and different strategies. Visit digitalmarketingeye.weebly.com and let’s get to know more about it.

1. Interactive Marketing
Referring to the marketing strategy, which encourages active participation in the consumer and marketing campaigns. It usually refers to the shift from face to face customer interactions. Interactive marketing is becoming a trend for the customer because of the online experience, as well as Internet technology, evolves. Interactive marketing gives customers the power to receive and up-to-date, as well as feedback both on the business and specific products, such as Amazon. Amazon is known as a pioneer of the largest in the area of ??marketing. And collecting and storing information about the search for the customer and buyer behavior

2. Digital Marketing
Marketing campaigns that occur using digital platforms, which use the media to convey the campaign. Digital marketing can be considered and described in the technique of “push” / “pull” marketing. If you are not familiar, you can use an ad blitz to sell your product or service. “Push” allow you to connect with and inspire consumers to buy your product or service and “Pull” occurs when consumers take the initiative seeking business through online search through digital marketing ( For example, they do a search on the internet by your name).

3. The Internet or Online Marketing
A marketing campaign that is connected to the Internet. This technique makes you reach your customers, do research, and selling products or services over the Internet. For example, you promote a message about your company’s buses. People who sell house can refer to this marketing by selling through the web. However, if you have a website, such as blogging, you can write articles or place banner ads on other websites to drive traffic to your site.

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